British Flair 2021

The annual British Flair expo and country fair at the Polo Club in Klein Flottbek is one of the highlights of the year for the Scottish Country Dancers of Hamburg (SCDH). Like in the previous year the 2021 event was allowed to take place under special health precautions. Due to travel restrictions between the UK and Germany most exhibitors were actually from Germany, trying to summon British lifestyle and hold up the British Flair spirit.
This also applied to the Scottish Country Dancers of Hamburg. The Scottish dancing performance was again scheduled for the main stage. Due to the long lockdown in Spring, the school gym where regular classes are held was open in Summer, and the demonstration team was able to meet for weekly training in preparation of the event. Scottish-born SCD teacher Avril Quarrie coached the team to bring out the best footwork, covering (meaning: synchronizing matching movements) and phrasing (meaning: be in the right place at exactly the right time) possible. As at least one dem team member was unable to attend the training on any given Thursday, a number of SCDH members came to take the place of the dem team members Anett, David, Ellen, Falcône, Faye, Fiona, Gero, Hana, Karin, Sabine and Sylvia for practicing every week.
David very briefly and funnily explained on stage about the reels, jigs and strathspeys of Scottish Country Dancing. Unusually, the line-up this year included the Highland Fling, shown by some of the dem team members supported by highland piper and dancer Katharina. As another novelty the event saw the unveiling of the group's new roll-up banner designed by Falcône.
While the performance on the big stage had a few glitches and needed to be cut short unexpectedly in order to comply with the organizers' schedule, the participants kept smiling and were as happy as the moderate crowd of spectators to be able to enjoy Scottish music and dancing. After weeks of practice, some stage fright, a hectic search for the sashes and certain hardships of losing a pound or two in time to fit into the kilt or dress the well-deserved reward for the group was a glass of cold cider among friends.
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