Orga Team

orga team
from left to right: Gero, Hana, Anett, Sabine, Falcône

In summer 2020, the organisational tasks of the group were redistributed among several members. The Orga Team has developed from this. The five "heads in the background" meet once a month (virtually) to coordinate organisational issues. For example, dance events are also prepared.
Who does what?
Anett is the main internal and external contact for the group, collecting and distributing information. She establishes and maintains contacts throughout the world of Scottish Country Dance.
Membership Services
Sabine is responsible for Membership Services and specializing in the fine print: members' data maintenance, hygiene concepts, T&Cs for events etc. She also supports Hana with Finance issues.
As treasurer, Hana ensures that the contributions come into the coffers and the bills are paid. She is responsible for financial planning and evaluation. She also supports the Facebook administration.
Gero administers our internal communication on Spond, Jitsi and the Secure Cloud, where the group's data is processed. Gero also manages the training calendar, so that every Thursday evening is taken care of.
Falcône administers the website and Facebook page. He also ensures that the group is accessible on the official email channels.