The headquarters of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS), the world-wide umbrella organisation, are located in Edinburgh.

Celtic Circle

Information on groups and events in Europe can be found at the Celtic Circle web site.

Central Germany

Information about Scottish Dancing all over Germany is provided by the Scottish Dancing Central Germany Branch.

Strathspey Server

The database aims to be a comprehensive resource for Scottish country dancing. It brings together information on Scottish country dances, formations, musical recordings, Scottish country dance tunes.


Our next neighbours to the north are the Spinning Teapots in Lübeck.


Across the Elbe the Scottish Country Dancers of Stade are those closest to us.


Scottish Country Dancing in the Salt and Hanseatic City.


Scottish Country Dancing with Potter pairs.


There are also Scottish Dancing groups in our capital: The Scottish Country Dancing Society of Berlin with many contacts and the Hopalots (to be found on Facebook).


Dancetide is a society for Scottish Country Dancing in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Lugnasas Celtic Dances School.

SCDH 2004-'20

Our first Homepage was released in 2004. You might enjoy a wee look back to see the list of teachers and musicians at that time, or even spot yourself or friends in photos taken at our Weekend Courses.