Who we are

The Scottish Country Dancers of Hamburg (SCDH) is a local dancing group. We like to perform correctly, try to put our feet in the right positions and to do all the things you are supposed to do, but at the same time - and first and foremost, we like it to be fun. We are a happy and friendly group of about 50 dancers of various ages and mixed abilities from several countries, some coming regularly, others occasionally. Newcomers are welcome with or without dancing experience, alone or accompanied. Thursday evenings are Scottish Country Dance evenings at Albert-Schweitzer-Schule where, since 1999, we have been in the most fortunate position of having the use of its new sports hall with its wonderful resilient floor.

The Scottish Country Dancers of Hamburg (SCDH) are an affiliated group of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society.

Affiliated RSCDS

What it is

Scottish Country Dancers mainly dance for pleasure, finding the shared experience of dance both physically and mentally enjoyable. Scottish Country Dancing may have its roots in the assemblies and balls of the 18th and 19th centuries, but its popularity has continued to increase to this day. Dancers are normally grouped in sets, typically of three, four or five couples arranged either in two lines (partners facing each other) or in a square. They work together to dance a short sequence of formations that provide a particular dance with its identity. The originality of the formations ensures each couple gets the chance to experience the dance from different positions.

Weekend course 2014: reel 'Mrs. McLeod'


Where we come from

Scottish Country Dancers of Hamburg: since 1998 under this name, previously since the late 1940s: Dancing Section of the Caledonian Society of Hamburg. Use of the small sports hall at the Albert Schweitzer School since the 1999/2000 school year.