British Flair 2022

One of the nice traditions of the SCDH year is the performance at the British Flair in late summer at the Hamburg Polo Club in Klein Flottbek. This year we were allowed two time slots on the big stage. Even on Sunday morning at 11 o'clock, a surprisingly large number of spectators had already gathered. Besides the commitment to a good cause, the main aim is to show our audience the fun of dancing together and to draw attention to our group.
As almost every time, the biggest challenge was not the stage fright but the training logistics: Gathering all the members of the Dem Team (Anett, Christoph, David, Ellen, Falcône, Faye, Gero, Hana, Karin, Sabine and Sylvia coached by Avril) at the same time and place in summer is difficult enough - and without access to the gym, creativity was needed: Music is prohibited on the sports field next to the gym, as a less than enthusiastic neighbour explained to us. The lawn in Anett's garden had much friendlier neighbours, but did not offer ideal conditions for the feet. Therefore, the Dem Team trainings mainly took place after the regular classes, when feet and concentration were already quite strained.
But this is also a tradition: So much went wrong in the dress rehearsal that (almost) all went well in the performances. The audience liked it anyway (even on the S-Bahn platform praise was delivered...). And the last logistical challenge was also successfully mastered: organising cider and seats for everyone in the tent to celebrate another successful British Flair.
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